Last week, The Australian Filipina spoke of Veronica Monro's journey to become one of the Avon Voices, a worldwide talent search sponsored by Avon with some of the proceeds going to charity devoted to empowering women.

Thanks to your voting, Veronica has made it through to the second round. The group of 7,000 was culled down to 190 and Veronica is in there with a chance to go to Hollywood CA ... but she needs your help!

This round is the same as the last round. All you have to do is register and vote for her new video. Those who have voted before you can use your existing account. The link for the video is

If you could please find time to register and vote (it takes less than two minutes!), your support would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to share the link so as to get others voting.

You go, Vee! The Australian Filipina is rootin' for ya!

Veronica Monro for Avon Voices

Veronica Monro for Avon Voices



Lillian de los Reyes

Very interesting articles and reading. Thank you for keeping me posted. More Power to the magazine. Congratulations.


Thanks Tita Lillian!

Michelle Baltazar

Hello Tita Lillian, Thank you for reading! I hope you can tell your network of fellow Filo-Australians about us. :) Thanks again, Michelle

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