The 10th Annual General Meeting of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organizations Inc. (APCO) was held on Sunday 21st March 2021 at Auburn Community Centre, Auburn NSW. For this year’s AGM the election of new set of officers to lead APCO for the next two years, was one of the main agenda. Due to the combination of heavy downpour and Covid 19 restrictions, the Election Committee allowed electronic voting for the first time, which enabled nineteen (19) members to participate, nominate and be nominated and vote electronically. A total of twelve (12) members braved the turbulent weather to make the AGM a resounding success.

Mr Charles Chan, Master of Ceremonies, facilitated the smooth flow of the program which commenced after a sumptuous lunch at 12.30 pm.  The outgoing President, MrsVioletaEscultura, reported on APCO’s accomplishments the main one was theCovid-specific government grantof $5,000 and $3,800 from donors that was used to assist  Filipino student visa holders. Outgoing Treasurer, Dr Jaime Lopez presented APCO’s 2020-2021 Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Outgoing Secretary, Mrs. Carmelita Fraser’s report consisted of announcing the number of members and current financial members. Dr Lopez added to this report by enumerating the names of the current 16 financial affiliate organizations. They are the following: FLAGCOM, Kapitbahayan Coop Ltd, Sedgwick Housing Cooperative, NARRA Coop Ltd, Plaza Filipino Inc., Young and Districts Multicultural Association, the Illawarra Multicultural Filipino Women’s Group, the Club Filipino Illawarra, Filipinas Dance Group, UST Alumni Association, Global Ilocano Association, Concerned Citizens 50’s and Above Association, Pedro Calungsod Association, Filipino Women Support Group Macarthur, Crowe Productions Inc., Fil-Oz and Districts Inc.,

All the fifteen nominated candidates for Board of Directors were given a chance to highlight their achievements and contributions to APCO. The background of those who were not physically present was read by Dr Cen Amores.

Incoming President, Dr. Edgar Escultura stated that APCO will pursue the following priorities: 

  1. Educational Forum with the Filipino Australian youth and APCO; Reach out to Filipino Australian youth
  2. Amendment of APCO Constitution
  3. Preparation for the Philippine Independence Day
  4. APCO Newsletter
  5. Humanitarian support for victims of calamaties in the Philippines and in Australia

The new set of officers to lead APCO for 2021-2023 are the following:

President                                                                                 Dr. Edgar E. Escultura

Senior Vice President                                                         Mr. Charles Chan

Junior Vice President                                                          Mrs. Carmen Fraser

Secretary                                                                        Mrs. Josephine Tada

Treasurer                                                                                 Mr. Willie Plan

Auditor                                                                           Ms. Marissa Houston

PRO                                                                        Ms. Glorina Papaioannou  

Board of Directors

  1. Cora Bojarski
  2. Albert Prias
  3. Rose Lay
  4. ZenyPiosik
  5. George Torres
  6. Edna Crowe
  7. Josie de Guzman-Johnson


Dr. Cen Amores                                           

Mr. Ruben Amores

Dr. Jaime R. Lopez       

Mrs. VioletaEscultura


The Election Committee

Mrs.VioletaEscultura - Chairperson


Mr Ruben Amores                                                                               

Dr. Cen Amores

Mrs. Emma Braceros

Dr. Jaime Lopez


Returning Officer

Dr. Aida Morden


About Dr. Edgar Escultura

Dr. Escultura has 15 years of organizational experience in the overseas Filipino Community in the US and 15 years of experience as a progressive journalist for AngKatipunan, a weekly newspaper in the US, 1974 - 1986; he was a leading figure in the successful movement to change public opinion in the US from unconditional support for Philippine Presidents to cutting the lifeline a of support for President Ferdinand E. Marcos due to his dismal human rights records. He was Science Editor and Columnist for The Manila Times, 2005 – 2006. A retired professor of mathematics and physics, he earned his Ph. D. in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin and remains active in research in the fields of physics, genetics, neuroscience, astrophysics and geological, atmospheric and climatic sciences.

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