AF March


The forgotten women of Malolos, revived  

Young women of MalolosYOLO. You only live once. For the young women of Malolos, there was only one way to live - and that was to kickstart a revolution.

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Are you on this list? Don't waste your vote  

Binay, Duterte, Poe or Roxas? More than 360 Australian-based overseas voters are urged to contact the Philippine Consulate immediately to verify their address details or risk losing their eligibility to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.

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The busy woman's guide to skincare  

Preparing for my first skin-a-thonIf there are three words that scare the bejeezus out of me, they are these: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

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Forget Me Not: 'Noli' musical rekindles nationalist flames  

Cast of Noli Me TangereAn Australian playwright and his long-time musical collaborator breathe new life to one of the greatest Philippine novels of all time, 'Noli Me Tangere' (Touch Me Not).

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Plaza Filipino and NARRA Co-op name 2016 Philippine Australia Ambassadors for Culture and the Arts  

Community associations Plaza Filipino and NARRA Co-op have joined forces to identify 20 outstanding Filipino-Australians who are passio.. » more

Jovito Reyes Salonga: Embracing his vision and inspiration  

Bless Salonga delivers a eulogy for the late Jovy SalongaA memorial service was held on Sunday, March 20, at the FCF Life Centre in Michinbury in&nb.. » more

Filipino-Australian migrants honoured in 2016 Community Builders Awards  

The awardsThe inaugural Community Builders Awards was successfully held at the Lidcombe Dooley’s Catholic Club last S.. » more